About us

Mitali Creations has been founded with the sole intention of providing melodious unique soothing inspiring music. We have all the required facilities for music production under one roof. This includes lyrics, music composition, music arrangement, vocal recording and mixing. We cater to album songs, film songs, serial titles, theme songs, songs for websites for various genres like devotional, romantic, mantras, western, etc… We provide for free digital release through hungama.com including caller tunes and ring tone registration.

Till date we have done 40 audio / video albums including more than 200 songs in Hindi, Marathi and Konkani. We have a talented team of lyricist, singers, arrangers, musicians and recordists. And all this is done at a very affordable price …..

Our core team comprises Kumaar Sanjeev who is a composer, Shalin who is a lyricist and member of Film Writers Association and Mitali who is a singer and has a classical background.

We have more than 100 demo tunes which can be used for film or album songs. Contrary to the copy book style of giving tunes to written lyrics, we have developed a bank of tunes with rough lyrics and light music. After a tune is selected we complete the song with final lyrics and music as per situation required and as per budget of producer.

Generally a devotional song would cost Rs.10000 and a romantic number between Rs.15000 to Rs.25000 based on your budget. These are indicative budgets but we work flexi budget; however thumb rule is of course more the budget better the quality. If your budgets are less don’t worry we will try to fit into your budget in the best possible way.

New budding talented singers are encouraged to make their own albums or demo songs at reasonable cost to make a headway in making a career in music. Charitable trusts or devotee sponsors can make devotional albums within budget.

If you have ready songs and want to digitally release them (audio or video) do let us know and we will do it for you……..

Recently Completed Projects

- 2 Medley songs
- 3 romantic songs for a singer
- 1 romantic song for a singer
- 1 gazal in Hindi
- 1 theme song for a dance academy
- 2 songs in Nepali for a singer
- A song in Hindi/ Marathi on Save the girl child.
- Swami Vivekanand Kendra Prarthana
- 3 devotional songs for a singer
- 2 theme songs
- 5 devotional songs for a singer
- Devotional album on Shree Sateri Mhalsa
- 4 devotional songs on Saibaba
- 2 songs for a lyricist

Current Projects

- 2 romantic songs for a singer
- 1 romantic song for a singer